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The world of cryptocurrencies differently than you know it!

Profit from cryptocoins & Mining & Cryptonit projects

The world of cryptocurrencies is for many interwoven with a number of questions and ambiguities. In Cryptonit, we can easily show you how to purchase cryptocurrencies, preserving them and having a wide range of opportunities to evaluate your assets without the need for your activity.

It's just as easy as buying a roll in a supermarket. Only our rolls will bring you long-term profits and fun. Bitcoin now knows everyone and everyone believes that he gets rich as dozens of others. But we have also other ways.

Cryptonit   -   Ceo/Founder Jan Holý

Wide possibilities of profit

The use of cryptocurrencies is very broad, so there is nothink new that Cryptonit will make the most of your profits.

The global scale

Cryptonit is heading for the global market. Let's send shares to the world!

High security

Each member's profile is secured. His data and resources are carefully protected.

Own payment system

All transactions are recorded in our own payment system. It can not happen that your profits will never be credited.

The fastest exchange of cryptocurrencies

Within thirty minutes, you can have cryptocurrency in your wallet. No unpleasant fees and registration.

Supported and up-to-date information

From the world cryptome we collect everything essential and share it with you on our telegram. Join and be in the picture.

Where to Buy Cryptos

There are a number of ways to buy cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other sort of cryptocurrency. The most famous way is foreign exchange is encrypted where it is necessary to register and verify the identity, which complicates us a little the purchase of the desired currency.

In the Czech Republic, we launched the SentCrypto, our partner project, which acts as a fast exchange office, and registration is not necessary. On the contrary, you will get more benefits by registering with Cryptonite!

Easy purchase


Overview of Transactions

Mining Cryptonit

Mining is one of your favorite ways to make profit on cryptos.
For our members we have prepared a uniquely generous cloud mining service.
In connection with our membership program, you have all the insight and your investments are secured by a two-year guarantee of profit. Mining requires a relatively large investment from the rule, which is not for everyone. That's why there's our mining program in which you have the opportunity to participate in buying a miner along with others. Get started practically immediately!
We already have built miners that are currently benefiting from Ethereum, and if you buy one of the Mining Packages you are immediately starting to benefit.

Cryptonit mining packages

Package MINI
$ 1400
  • 40 MH/s performance
  • 2 Years Garantee
  • Cashout only ETH
Package OPTI
$ 5000
  • 150 MH/s performance
  • 2 Years Garantee
  • Cashout others than ETH 3% fee
Package BIGI
$ 12 400
  • 400 MH/s performance
  • 2 Years Garantee
  • Cashout others than ETH 3% fee
$ 42
  • 1 MH/s performance
  • 2 Years Garantee
  • Cashout others than ETH 3% fee

Development and activity

Cryptonit is growing and improving. Cryptos are becoming more popular thanks to Cryptonit and our members benefit from this.

  • 67025 CRPT

    Group Profit

  • 1 252 MH/s

    Mining power

  • 9650

    Cryptonit members


Project Roadmap

We firmly hold our thoughts and visions. What have we already done and what are you looking forward to?

  • APRIL 2018
    Start Cryptonit

    - Start the site crptnit.cz
    - Start prelaunch CRPT
    - Starting the Reference Program
    - Preparation of Investor Shares

  • MAY 2018
    Prelaunch 2.

    - Launch an online forum
    - Launch a share program
    - Implementation of video tutorials
    - Collaboration with mining companies

  • JUNE 2018
    Community Meetings

    - Preparation of language mutations
    - First community meeting
    - Introduce Crypto X
    - Intruduce exchange

  • JULY 2018
    Starting a currency exchange

    - exchange SentCrypto
    - Expand features for members of Cryptonitu

  • AUGUST 2018
    Crypto X network

    - Public launch of the project

  • SEPTEMBER 2018
    2. faze Crypto X

    - Start project Crypto X

  • OCTOBER 2018
    language mutations

    - Add language mutations

  • NOVEMBER 2018
    Deadline for the year

    - Community Meetings
    - Introduce ICO Coinu CRPT

A team that takes care of everything

From customer support to management, we're fine.

  • Jan Holý
  • CEO Cryptonit.
    CEO Sentcrypto.
    8 years of experience building online shopping networks.         
    Highest educated high school with A level.         
    The largest network of 17,000 members.

  • Libor Janáček
  • COO Cryptonit.

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